Reno Hot August Nights

Nostalgia in gears — Jimmy Dean tears. Every year over 200,000 people jam the streets of Reno to celebrate America's love affair with the automobile. The first through the second weekend of August in Reno is American Graffiti on a Saturday night, A.K.A. Reno Hot August Nights. As the bad cars of yesteryear just-cruise-on-by, and the doo-wop-diddy sounds of early Rock-n-Roll frill to the rumble of those sweet 409's.

Reno Hot August Nights Facts

When: August

Where: City-wide, Reno and Sparks, Nevada.

Maps: Reno Street Maps

Reno Hot August Nights Reno Hot August Nights kicks off with a crescendo of hot rods, Sock Hops, The Prom and the Drive-In, proving once again that Rock-n-Roll is here to stay! It is expected that over 5000 classic cars will enter each year's event, with thousands of people coming to Reno for the fun, the classic cars, concerts, auctions and swap meets. And, for every Rebel Without a Cause, it's nostalgia in gears and Jimmy Dean tears.

There are three important components of Reno Hot August Nights that make it happen and make it famous: man(kind), music and machine.

1956 Chevy Hot Rod The Music. Some really hot entertainers will be entertaining this year, as in the past which has included such legendaries as The Beach Boys, Three Dog Night, B.B. King, Chubby Checker, Paul Revere and the Raiders, The Grass Roots, BTO, Bad Company, Herman's Hermits and Jan and Dean. WOW!! And the good news is, a lot of the concerts are free!

Classic Car The Machines (cars). Oh my, the CARS! Reno Hot August Nights is a celebration of great cars from the 30's, 40's, and 50's, and our love affair with them. They cruise the streets of Reno every night. In the downtown areas of Reno and Sparks there are special controlled cruise nights. The controlled cruises run from 7pm to 10pm in both Reno and Sparks. And, yes, the streets get very crowed, so be prepared.

Reno street crowd The Man (people). Of course, none of it would mean anything if it were not for the people. The car owners love to talk about their cars; 'Three duces and a four-speed, and she's mine all mine.' Audiences love to gawk; 'Do you remember the night we met? It's a night I never will forget.' And absolutely everybody loves dancing in the street, 'There's a party goin' on ...' The food is great, and the music... It ain't rap, man, it's MUSIC!

Ventage car There's also drag racing at the Stead airport (north of Reno), and many events spread all around the town. Reno Hot August Nights is one of the best events in Reno -- the locals love it just as much as the visitors. So, come enjoy Reno Hot August Nights.

Reno Hotels go FAST, just like the cars during Reno Hot August Nights. So, if nothing else, remember this: You can't book too soon, but you can wait too late!

Reno 1936
By permission and in loving memory of Jann Karaer

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